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Looking for a memorable website address for your business or brand?

Find the relevant, available names for your next website with our Domain Name Generator!

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Are you looking for valuable domain names that are already receiving traffic?

Domain Name System (DNS) traffic details like volume and request time & location reveal names getting human generated traffic.Learn more

Rule out names receiving little DNS traffic therefore little or no human generated traffic.

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Recently Expired Domain Names Available Soon!

Are you interested in a domain name that is already registered?

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Top Recently Expired Domains with the most inbound links

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DomainScope APIs

Want to get your hands on our robust toolset?

Get access to a number of APIs and connect to your own website or applications.

Key API Features:

  • Domain name suggestion API - get domain name suggestions based on a variety of linguistic techniques
  • Domain Data/Details API - access available data on unregistered domains or recently expired domains soon to be available
  • Bulk Domain Data/Details API - access available DNS traffic and recent history of up to 100 domains
  • Code samples
  • Quick start guides

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Get Started

Before you can get started using DomainScope API's, you need to get an API key. Read the documentation and then contact us for more information on how to get going.

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Discover domain names that had a previous life

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A wealth of domain name information at your fingertips

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Name Suggestion Widget

Add a domain name generator to your website

Easily integrate our domain name generator to your site and enable your visitors to search for available domain names.  view Tool