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In the following comparison, appears to be the more attractive name despite having lower NXD Traffic Scores. The various request details seem to indicate more human traffic patterns, therefore more potential site visitors.

Domains with Human Traffic Patterns

Domains with Machine-Based Traffic Patterns

The name conveys meaning for human users. While the NXD Scores are a good way to initially screen potentially interesting domains clicking on a domain name reveals valuable details about the traffic to the domain.

The name conveys little meaning for human users.

Requests from many locations may suggest more natural traffic.

A high number of requests from few locations may suggest machine generated traffic.

High percentages of Unique Requests and Business Hour Requests relative to Total Requests suggest more natural traffic.

A very low percentage of Unique Requests to Total Requests may suggest machine traffic.

Natural traffic often occurs sporadically throughout the day with more requests occurring during typical waking hours.

Requests occurring regularly throughout the day may suggest machine generated traffic.